MEDICORE provides the best solution to the problems of importing in Ukraine.

Import operation in Ukraine is strictly regulated and sometimes bureaucratic procedures are complicated.

Import regulations are different for the marketed products and IMP. This is because IMP is not registered in Ukraine and is not for sale.

However, MEDICORE is a reliable and experienced provider with in-depth knowledge of import and export.

We can keep track of all regulatory requirements and can deal with potential challenges, providing you with full support for each import operation.

Our services include:
  • Obtaining import and export licenses
  • Coordinating deliveries
  • Customs clearing IMP and ANS required for clinical trials
  • Consulting on local regulatory requirements


We also obtain all required licenses for ANS, including:

  • Laboratory kits
  • Medical equipment
  • Electronic diaries
  • Biological samples
  • Working standards
  • Reagents and other materials for clinical trials

MEDICORE will keep your shipments out of prolonged customs clearance.

Working with MEDICORE, your customs clearance will be performed by highly qualified customs brokers with extensive experience in a specific area of clinical trials.

Depending on the cargo, we will determine the most appropriate specialist for each specific delivery.

Export can be an alternative to destruction after the study is over. It gives customers an opportunity to return expensive drugs and electronic devices back to the sender.