Transportation of patients is important part of clinical research and MEDICORE proposes easy solution on the organization of patients transfer. If you need to transport the patient from point A to point B, we help you with this. We arrange ‘door-to-door’ patients travels from home to Investigational site and back.

MEDICORE provides complex service of patients’ transportation and guarantee the high quality of our services:

  • procedure of transportation arrangement is simple;
  • transportation can be conducted within the city or the region;
  • cars are always in good condition;
  • we provide a detailed and transparent report of trips;
  • all passengers are insured;
  • patient (and accompanying) will be treated with all the attentiveness.

Additionally we can organize:

  • purchase of railway tickets;
  • delivery of meals for patients;
  • patients accomodation.

We immediately respond to any changes in the schedule of transportation and ensure strict adherence to confidentiality and protection of patients’ personal data.

Patients in your study will save time for travels and arrive at the right time in full safety and comfort.

Our goal is to help you to save time and health of the patient.